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Congratulations to the author for being able to express his life struggles and accomplishments! I can only imagine how challenging it is to share such personal details of your life, so I also appreciate the author for doing so.


Great book!! I really found my time useful reading this non-fiction book..what an awsome writer with an awsome story…



Official Review 

Following is the official review of

"The Experiential Approach" by Dean Nelson.

4 out of 4 stars Review by TanayaShare 

The Experiential Approach: A Fresh New Approach for Creating Immediate Personal Power is a self-help book by Dean Nelson. It is about 180 pages.

The book starts with a very personal and tragic story. When the author was a teenager, his father committed suicide. For decades he felt guilt surrounding this awful day, facing depression and suicidal thoughts. Fortunately, after spending a considerable amount of money on different seminars, books, and other media, he developed a means to live life in a more meaningful and positive way. Essentially, it all boils down to the power of belief. What we believe influences our experiences in life. Once we identify what our negative beliefs are, we can adjust them to be more positive and productive. This will affect the choices we make and empower us with the right attitude and intentions so that we can live a more fulfilling and rewarding life. It takes time and commitment to adjust how we view ourselves and to make changes for a better quality of life, but it’s incredibly worth it.

There are a few exercises in the book to put these ideas into practice, such as identifying what you would like to change about your life, what’s been holding you back in accomplishing specific goals, and finding the underlying beliefs that need to be altered. An example that the author uses is a person who wants to be a better public speaker. This person was the youngest of seven siblings and believed that what he had to say was not important. In order to be a better public speaker, that person would need to change his belief to be that what he says is important. I really liked how the author thoroughly explained these concepts, using specific examples and understandable terminology. There is a refreshing simplicity to his explanations that makes being happy seem achievable, even though the mind is a complex thing. 

Another commendable aspect of this book is that there is the right balance of talking about his personal life to giving practical advice. It all flows well together, is very relatable and can be applied to any difficult situation that someone may have faced. For instance, the author states: “I unknowingly created a belief that my life was hard after my father’s suicide. Every negative event became an opportunity to reinforce that philosophy. Every difficult experience had control on what I believed.” The author also discusses his marriage, career, and hobbies, showing that this method applies to all realms of life.

I really appreciate the intent behind this book. The author really wants to help readers based on his own experiences. He reinforces the idea that it’s possible to overcome the darkness and devastation that traumatic events bring. He is also very realistic and honest. He’s not perfect. He’s human. Bad things will always happen; but we do have some control through the choices we make, our attitude, and our beliefs. I also really like his distinction between intentions and powerful intentions. It’s nice to want something, but we have to actually go after it. We also don’t have to completely neglect our past, no matter how bad it may have been. We can instead learn from it and let negative experiences empower us in the present.

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. It was very convincing, well written and down to earth. I felt not only inspired but also incredibly motivated to put these ideas into action. I would recommend this book to anyone looking to make changes in their lives, overcome trauma, and be more focused on the present.

Post Number:#1 by Tanaya » 17 Jan 2016

The event was traumatic but he did not get consumed by such negative experience. Instead, he took advantage of the reverse effect of that sad situation as he grew up and conscientiously learned from it. This makes the book an excellent reading material not only for the fun of reading but for personal growth.



…the author guided the readers on how to win over life challenges and that it ends with an inspirational feeling of doing his advice. 



Such a heart touching and inspirational book. I hope to use Dean's philosophy for methods to success in my daily life. I have read the book twice and continue to refer to it. A must read for everyone.


Debra Barnhart



This book is so wisely written by so young a man! Very interesting and enlightening to read. It can help with hidden beliefs that are hindering your life-it has helped me see things about myself and I am 80 years of age. You will be glad if you read it!


A. from Florida



This is an excellent read. There is helpful information in this book that can be applied to your everyday life. I would recommend this book to anyone. I have already used the tools offered and have had success in my personal and business life.


Jared Drake



…Dean, your book will motivate many people.





Great book!! I really found my time useful reading this non fiction book..what an awesome writer with an awesome story…





I for one can use the inspiration and motivation offered in this book at this stage in my life.





The event was traumatic but he did not get consumed by such negative experience. Instead, he took advantage of the reverse effect of that sad situation as he grew up and conscientiously learned from it. This makes the book an excellent reading material not only for the fun of reading but for personal growth.





I like that the author made complex psychology theory so accessible and easy to utilize!





Self-help books are not usually my choice, but suicide is a topic that really hits home with me because I had a very dear friend chose that route. It was a tragedy that still affects me profoundly, even after almost 25 years, and this book explores these feelings with empathy and compassion.





…I can't wait apply some of the practices you have shared into my own life! I would also like to share some of your stories and strategies with my students (high school) so that when they graduate and begin to live on their own, they can use these strategies as a tool to get them through tougher times they may encounter. Thank you!





…the author guided the readers on how to win over life challenges and that it ends with an inspirational feeling of doing his advice. 





I am not much for self-help books but I am glad to see that it was not only inspiring but motivational as well!





It sounds like the author really believes that perspective is key to success. I feel like there is a plethora of books out there that suggest just by thinking about something hard enough you will somehow achieve that thing. I am glad the author seems to focus on using belief and perspective to motivate action. Seems a much better idea.





Thank you for sharing your personal story and how you were able to reframe and identify your negative thoughts!


Melissa G.



I'm so impressed with this book that I've posted a link on my home page. Deserves to go to number one.


Sean B.



I am so excited about today's BOTD (book of the day)! It sounds like the ideas in this book will be helpful/beneficial to people of all ages, with no matter what stage in life they have reached thus far. We all have room to improve! Thank you Dean Nelson for this inspirational read!


Tara T.



Thank you Dean and Congratulations! You continue to inspire me in so many ways…Can't wait for the next one!


Sue D.



This is a great fall weekend can't put downer. Congratulations!


Jerry M.



I read the first few pages and I will confess it wasn't what I expected. When an author can share the most unpleasant memories and use that to create a positive book, it is something special. Thank you for sharing…


Heidi S.



Awesome, especially for 15-year old me.





Self-help books are not usually my choice, but suicide is a topic that really hits home with me because I had a very dear friend chose that route. It was a tragedy that still affects me profoundly, even after almost 25 years, and this book explores these feelings with empathy and compassion.



I am not much for self-help books but I am glad to see that it was not only inspiring but motivational as well!



This is a great read. This is one of the most inspirational books I've read in a long time. The concepts and ideas Dean speaks about in this book really make you want to overcome those things or habits that stop us. The exercises are meaningful and helpful. You want it, go get it. Not sure how? Read this book.


Chris Stricker



Wise, firsthand, realistic, intelligent and focused. Well done!


Book Ovcharov



Dean's approach to modern struggles of self empowerment give this book such practicality. I find myself referring to these simple but highly effective exercises several times a week! With easy to understand existential knowledge as well as practical everyday mantras to help prioritize your health and well being of all states, a must have guide to self empowerment and living a full and healthy spiritual life. Highly recommend!


Amazon Customer



I myself personally know this young man and have witnessed all that he has gone through. He has personally spent Much money to gain the knowledge he has now. He walks his walk, Not talk a talk! I am proud to call him my friend! Listen! He has wise words to say!


Standing Bear



Perfect ratings! Awesome!





Thank you for sharing such a motivating book!


Simon S.



Dean Nelson's approach is quite admirable.





Sharing personal struggles is always a great way to get readers to know how real you are.


Jennifer V.



I love books which help me in my self development. It's always good to learn something new and make improvements.


Janet G.



Whether you are a youngster or an oldster like me a Fresh Approach is always invited.


Greg L. B.



Truly inspirational! A must read!


Kristine P.



Wow, this book seems very relatable to those struggling with a myriad of obstacles in their lives. Thank you.


H. Simone



Top reviews all the way! Cool!


L. G. Taylor



Everyone needs a great self help book every now and then.


Sequoia B.



I really enjoy self help books! Thank you for this awesome book!


Maggie M.



Thanks for sharing! Psychology is one of my favorite things and I love looking at things from other's eyes.





Thank you! This is a much needed read for me.


Sondra U.



A blend of personal and practical that makes it relatable and achievable.


Julie W.



Great stuff, inspiring :)


Mark N.



I cannot wait to put to use the strategies…


Tara F.



I'm all about self help! People need to know they are much more powerful than they are led to believe!


Alice L.



Gripping start, grabs the reader.


Rhonda B.



Cool book!





Who doesn't need self help? Check it out!





This is great for self development.





And thank you for this great information!





Reviews For The Mindfulness Approach
Official Review
Following is the official review of
"The Mindfulness Approach" by Dean Nelson
4 out of 4 stars Review by L_ThereseShare


Most people deal with stress on a daily basis and need to explore effective strategies for managing it. For some people, stress can have the physiological effect of exacerbating a medical condition, making it a more disruptive factor that more urgently requires relief. For Dean Nelson, a chronic gastrointestinal condition was both a cause of and affected by the stress in his life. After years of medical interventions, he discovered a new approach: meditation. In his book The Mindfulness Approach, Nelson tells his story and introduces the reader to an alternative methodology for dealing with daily stresses.

As I read this book, I was astonished by how honest the author was willing to be about his situation. He makes himself vulnerable as he exposes his medical condition and the way it has affected his life. He is brutally honest about some of the physical complications he experienced and the fears that clouded the way he envisioned his future. The author’s willingness to be so open about his experiences enriches the book by helping the reader comprehend the impact of this approach in his life and, by extension, the potential impact for the reader’s life.

The author also created an immensely practical book. There are a number of specific exercises that exemplify the techniques and strategies under discussion. For example, the author names and explains seven specific breathing exercises as well as instructions for some meditation techniques. The specificity may sound like it would become dry or overwhelming, but the text avoids this pitfall, remaining brief and concise. The author identifies techniques like the Silva Method, which worked particularly well for him, as well as other techniques that have experienced a lot of rising popularity, such as Mindfulness meditation.

As I read through this book, the sixth chapter seemed out of joint with the spirit of the rest of the book. Chapter 6 is entirely devoted to introducing another writer/scholar who was a major influence on the author. While a few paragraphs about a person who pioneered the field or became very influential in the application of these strategies would be appropriate, the extent of this introduction makes the chapter sound like a commercial. I felt that it went much too long.

Near the end of the book (page 153 in my copy), Nelson makes a very poignant statement. He writes, “Computers can run 24 hours a day, but they also must be re-booted occasionally to retrieve updates and to clear out unnecessary data or else their processing will slow down or become locked.” In The Mindfulness Approach, Dean Nelson offers techniques and evidence (both anecdotal and factual) supporting breathing and meditation as a way for people to find time to re-boot and de-stress. From his own story to the lengthy reference list at the end, Nelson’s book is full of worthwhile information and practical ideas for people everywhere. Despite a flaw or two, I think the book still merits a full 4 out of 4 stars. It’s relevant, concise, and very personal all at the same time.

Post Number:#1 by L_Therese » 05 Feb 2017

This book has given me the push I have been looking for to start practicing meditation. It provided ways to start which are simple and easy.
Also I agree with the author that we need to be self aware. That is a big step in practicing meditation.
Thank you for voicing all my thoughts and helping me find a starting point.

Catherine King


Dean Nelson has done it again. Another Great Read. He is Bold with his Second book and helps others with his Life Experiences and Mindfulness Approach and Strategies to help others with facing their problems and offers real world solutions.

J. Drake

Modern medicine works wonders for many, but has its limits. This book outlines pragmatic steps that you can take to find healing. Maybe the greatest gift from the book is - You don't have to be sick to enjoy the benefits of the mindfulness approach! We can all enjoy a more healthy and fulfilled life.

Van Nelson

Thank you Dean Nelson for sharing your story to help others like myself who struggle with everyday real life issues. This was a much needed read. Very informative and refreshing. Looking forward to putting the tools into practice on a daily basis. I will stay in the present...Today.


There are many inspirational quotes which are very helpful and we can apply in our life.


I have actually read the #TheMindfulnessApproach and found it really helpful in dealing with my depression. Must read for everyone.


Beautiful cover, great information in this #NonFiction #SelfHelp book. Thank you very much.


Thanks for sharing your own experiences in this book. It definitely makes the difference.


Important book with tips on how to eliminate stress- an issue many Americans struggle with. Props to author!


Great insight. Especially at a time where it seems every one is stressed out and needs peace of mind.


Need a bit of peace of mind? Mindfulness is a tool that can help you do just that. Read this book to find out more.


Bestseller in the making.


This is a really great book for each individual. Everyone suffers from stress at some point in their lives. I love how you can relate.


A great book with great advices about stress.


Good reminder of how to deal w/ life circumstances & taking ownership instead of crying "Why me" or blaming others for our circumstances.


This is a really good book and the author is really honest and straight. It is a really trustworthy book!


With the way things are functioning in the world, it looks like this is the kind of book everybody needs in today's date and time!


Everyone has stress in their life and this book seems like the perfect way to learn about dealing with stress related illnesses.


I have known Dean for almost 20 years and for many of those years I did not know how much he has suffered due to his health conditions. After reading the Mindfulness Approach I think Dean is a true testament to how having the right thoughts can manifest something wonderful. In this book Dean demonstrates through his mindfuness that he was able to overcome many adversaries through meditation and living his life in a very positive manor.

Susan Raible

I must start by saying that I've known and been friends with the author for many years. In stating this, I never knew the struggles that he endured for all of those years. This book talks about how he went from possible surgery to a more mindful process. In his book he dives into how focused meditation is extremely powerful It’s amazing all the benefits your mind and body obtain from meditation. This is a very well written book on meditation, its benefits and the different types and is well worth the read. Anyone who needs to retake ownership of themselves whether you're fighting stress, pain or chronic illness this book is a place to start.

Chris Stricker

This book is such an easy read and helped me to consciously cope with some of the stress that I have dealt with for years in my ever stressful job.

Amazon Customer

Very wisely written and very interesting to read. You'll be glad you read it. Well done Dean, cant wait for the next one.

Debra Barnhart

Many thanks to the author for sharing his experience of how to overcome stress and its complications. It is worth reading. Thanks.


B. Paulson

An interesting approach to a genre that I'm not usually interested in - it's great to see a respectful, sensitive perspective.

C. Potterton

As always stress-related illnesses attack our health lives everyday, the book is the right tool to reduce and eliminate such symptoms.

J. Mawisa

The book serves as source of inspiration for me and a concrete solution and hope for a problem I had to face long time ago.


Rarely does a book speak so eloquently to those of us who struggle with illness. It is a book which deserves to find a place in every home.


nspiring and loving, stress management is essential, this book said it all.


Read this book to get rid of the disease of the age (stress) by guaranteed way written by an expert.


This is a very good book that helps every one.


There's stress everywhere- sometime seem unavoidable but Dean have developed a thoroughly researched approach to adequately managing stress.


You never know how good this book is until you flip through its pages.


A rather thoughtful and interesting read for those who are trying to relieve some stress :)


Definitely a good book for everyone!!