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The Experiential Approach
- A Fresh New Approach For Creating Immediate Personal Power


The Experiential Approach is the first in a series of mind, body, and spirit self-help books designed to enhance life experiences by providing easy to follow exercises and contemplative philosophies. This book's primary focus is on how we can change the way we experience life by using the mind to heal the spirit.

My goal was to be warm and passionate while inviting the reader to consider alternative means of making meaningful, positive changes in behaviors and thought processes. At age 15, my father committed suicide while I was alone with him in our home. This book is about releasing guilt, embracing forgiveness, discovering your purpose, developing self-empowerment, living with joy and peace, and eliminating self-sabotage. There are a number of perspective-awakening exercises that will leave you feeling open and liberated.

The Mindfulness Approach - To Eliminate or Reduce Symptoms of Stress-Related Illnesses


The Mindfulness Approach is the second in a series of books designed to assist the reader in making physical changes in their health by using the power of their mind. Mindfulness and meditation techniques are explored, providing the reader with more than enough information to move forward on their path toward optimum health and healing. 


I wrote this book based on my personal experiences, having suffered many years with a severe case of Ulcerative Colitis, a debilitating disease of the colon. This disease was a result of the stress related to witnessing my father's suicide.


I share some of the many techniques that I learned to heal my body and mend my mind. Complete remission was experienced and I discovered a newfound joy and zeal for life. My total recovery was a result of my introduction to and practice of meditation and mindfulness. It has changed my life in profound ways and I want those who suffer from stress or stress-related illnesses to find their way to healthier states of being. ​
Beyond The Threshold - Simple Transformational Techniques To Awaken Your Potential


The final book in this series is Beyond The Threshold. It concerns the mind-body-spirit relationship and delves into much more profound aspects of our being. It originated from more than 25 years of research and experiential education.


This book will share many leading-edge, insightful, yet simple, ways of crossing the threshold of consciousness into more meaningful states of spirituality and coexistence within the world we live in. It is replete with solutions to problematic issues relating to current topics that are paramount to expanding consciousness and fulfilling your dreams.

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